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A high percentage of nursing home residents in Florida have wounds that require proper nursing care and attention during a stay for rehabilitation.  Oftentimes, those wounds resulted from surgery, for instance, through the repair of a fracture or implantation of an artificial hip.  Other times, the wounds may have been caused by unrelieved pressure – otherwise known as pressure sores.  These pressure sores develop like blisters but, if left unattended, can worsen with time to the point that they can become deep, tunneling and ultimately, septic.

As a nursing home abuse lawyer handling cases in Florida, I frequently evaluate cases of serious harm that result from nursing homes’ failure to provide proper wound care to its residents.  How does this occur?  It usually begins with a facility that is understaffed.  Nursing home residents are not turned and repositioned frequently enough.  Physician’s orders are not followed.  Dressing changes are not performed.  Dressing changes are performed but not in accordance with sanitary practices.  Residents are not provided with sufficient nutrition and hydration.  Each of these factors can lead to skin breakdown and disrupt wound healing.

What can be done?  If it is determined that a wound is infected, not healing or that a non-healing pressure sore has developed or worsened, then it is imperative that you seek an evaluation from a physician.  If you are denied that opportunity and are stonewalled by nursing home staff, get your loved one to a hospital before it is too late.