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On July 5, 2016, investigators with the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration conducted an unannounced visit to Port Charlotte Rehabilitation Center, a 132 bed nursing home located at 25325 Rampart Boulevard, Port Charlotte, Florida 33983, in response to a complaint filed with the Agency.

At that time, the State of Florida found evidence that the Port Charlotte Rehabilitation Center nursing home staff failed to ensure that care for a resident with pressure ulcers (bed sores) was provided in accordance with their comprehensive assessment and plan of care.  The investigators noticed that this resident did not have an air mattress on her bed — a common intervention designed to reduce the risk of bed sores.  When questioned about this failure, the nursing home’s Director of Nursing stated:  “I know the resident had an air mattress on her bed.  I don’t know what happened to it.”  Really?  Perhaps a contingent of stealthy garden gnomes snuck into her room during the middle of the night and carried the air mattress off for their own personal and private use.

The State of Florida concluded:  “The facility failed to monitor and ensure the resident was receiving the ordered preventive treatment and failed to ensure the resident was receiving the care to attain and maintain their highest level of well-being.”  The Agency also cited Port Charlotte Rehabilitation Center for failing to ensure that the resident received the necessary treatment to promote healing and to prevent new wounds from developing and for failing to follow physician orders.

Bed sores are preventable and nearly always start out as a minor irritation to the skin.  When neglected, they grow and become deeper and can tunnel down to the bone.  When infection sets in, the person often battles for their life.  Bed sores largely develop because a nursing home is understaffed.  With too few staff to turn and reposition residents, promptly change residents who have soiled themselves, and provide other essential care, bed sores become predictable.  If you have questions about bed sores or nursing home abuse and neglect involving an area nursing home, please feel free to call me, Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer, James Keim, at (941) 426-7900.