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Are complaints against nursing homes in Sarasota County and Charlotte County, FL on the rise?  If Medicaid cuts continue, nursing home residents and their family members are sure to witness more instances of abuse and neglect.  Why is this?  There is a proven and direct link between the numbers of employed and trained nursing staff and incidents of abuse and neglect in Florida nursing homes.

As nursing home operators take a hit to their bottom line profits with Medicaid cuts, they react by scaling back on nursing staff and training.  The result is often catastrophic for those who pay a premium to receive what should amount to quality care.

The best advice is to be vigilant.  Visit often and at different times during the day and evening in order to evaluate the care your loved one is receiving.  Promptly express any and all concerns you have regarding care to the director of nursing and administrator.  Also speak with the resident’s treating physicians about concerns you have.

Making the decision to remove and transfer an elderly resident from the familiar surroundings of a nursing home to a new facility is difficult — especially if they suffer from dementia or another neurological disorder.  This action, however, may be warranted if you suspect their health or life may be in jeopardy.  In choosing a new nursing home, utilize the following website to assist in your evaluation process, visit, and speak with other family members about their experiences.